Friday May 19 2017
Spalletti: ‘Rumours don’t bother me’

Luciano Spalletti “doesn’t mind” rumours linking Coaches to Roma, but won’t discuss his own future.

The Giallorossi boss is out if contract at the end of the season, and it appears almost certain he’ll walk away.

This week has brought increasing links with the Inter job, while there is also talk about Roma looking for a replacement.

“I don’t mind these rumours,” Spalletti shrugged in his Press conference ahead of the Chievo game.

“We have to work to have a better future, the club has taken Monchi because they want to take the best to work at Roma and it’s ok to talk, I don’t know, with others.

“I’m glad, it means I have to be better than them to keep this post.

“Inter? If I had signed a contract this week I’d have signed ‘Chievo’ because we’re only interested in Chievo.

“We’re interested in defending their quick long balls forward that they do.

“When you look at Chievo’s stats, they’re not as good on crosses, on keeping the ball in the opponent’s area, in moving the ball.

“But when they win the ball back they’re among the best, they get it forward more, shoot more, they’re great on rebounds and second balls, loose balls are always theirs.

“Who will be the next Coach of Inter, of Roma, doesn’t have to bother us we’ll think of Chievo. I will only say Chievo.”

Francesco Totti is expected to retire at the end of the season, or at least leave the club, how is the captain?

“He’s a legend and he’ll continue to be so. He’s a symbol of our team, in any direction you look in Rome, there’s Totti. Totti comes before everything, and that’s quite right.

“As I’ve always said though, I have to deal with someone who is an important player, but who is part of a squad.

“I need to make the right choices, and sometimes I’ve penalised him, I’m sorry but against Chievo and Genoa that’s how it’ll be.

“I want to do the best for Roma and win these two games, that’s the reason for the management of Totti.”