Friday May 19 2017
Agnelli: ‘Serie A must recover’

Juventus President Andrea Agnelli says “Italy must aim to return to the top of world football”.

The Bianconeri have won the Scudetto for five years in a row, and a win over Crotone on Sunday will secure a sixth.

Some have criticised the club for having a much higher revenue than the others in the League, but the patron shrugged that off.

“Today marks seven years of my Presidency,” Agnelli told members.

“I think criticising Juventus is reductive, first we have to look at ourselves, then the others.

“Remember the revenue Juve had in 2010 compared to the revenues of the teams now criticising us.

“As for the current Serie A, the scenario has changed a bit now because we have a great businessman like [James] Palotta at Roma, there’s Suning at Inter and [Yonghong] Li at Milan.

“Italy has to be competitive in every facet, it’s definitely a great result to have four teams in the Champions League for next season, then it’s the responsibility of the teams to do well in the League and the Champions League.

“Last year Bayern-Juve was the second most viewed match after the Champions League final.

“We need to shorten the gap to the teams above us: La Liga, the Bundesliga and the Premier League. Italy must aim to return to the top of world football.

“Juventus will continue trying to make our own path to try and help the League be competitive.”

If someone had said seven years ago that Juve would be within two games of the treble today, would Agnelli have believed it?

“On that day in 2010, the objective was to win, I was told how many times I used that in my inauguration speech.

“Winning in sport is great, because every year you start again from zero. What’s important for me is that on July 1, everyone who works at Juventus is convinced we can win everything.

“Juventus exists to win.”