Monday July 17 2017
Mirabelli: Milan going ‘our way’

Massimiliano Mirabelli says Milan are going “our way” as the club “have a duty” to scout for players and not rely on “gossip”.

Mirabelli has made a telling impression since being appointed sporting director by Milan’s owners, bringing in 10 new players at a cost of over €200m.

“Mine was a brave decision [to leave Inter without a guaranteed salary at Milan], but then then our positive talks gave me reason,” he told Premium Sport.

“When the opportunity of doing what I’d been doing at AC Milan, I didn’t think twice and I agreed to run a great deal of risk.

“I didn’t enjoy the months of ‘closing’. If the fans didn’t then imagine us being the phantom protagonists of this famous ‘closing’.

“It wasn’t easy, we had to continue working, going around the world knowing that we were being watched with suspicion.

“There was no certainty, we couldn’t speak on Milan’s part. The nine months felt so long.

“Harder here or at Cosenza? They are naturally different responsibilities, the difference is what makes it appealing, but I’ve never thought about changing my way of doing things and who I am.

“I’ve had to remain myself, knowing that today I represent one of the most successful clubs in the world.

“Paying my dues has served me so well, I’ve always earned my way, no-one has given anything. I won all the Leagues, from the amateurs to Serie B.

“I don’t feel unprepared but rather a master of the role. I’ll make mistakes like everyone else, but I know what I’m talking about and how I do it on a daily basis.

“Milan? We needed to make an impression, to open a good cycle with a group of players.

“Yet Milan, like any other team, have a duty to believe in scouting because then we have to deal players for millions of euros.

“We must know players, not sign them via gossip like it happens at so many other clubs.

“In this scouting project, we’ll have many people working within it, from the first team to the youth sector: it’s ‘our’ way.

“We’re relying on some people to get these players at favourable prices. We had in mind what we had to do, without word of mouth.

“We considered and programmed things quietly and then got down to business like you’ve seen.”

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