Monday July 17 2017
Mirabelli: Signings, Gigio, Belottiā€¦

Massimiliano Mirabelli describes Gigio Donnarumma as “mission impossible”, is “sorry” to Torino over Andrea Belotti and claims Milan could also sign a winger.

In the third and final part of his interview with Premium Sport on Monday, Mirabelli also revealed who was the “easiest” out of his 10 signings for Milan, “the most fascinating” and “most difficult”.

“Least difficult signing? Conti because from our first phone call with him, he was already in a Milan shirt. It was extraordinary,” explained the sporting director.

“The most fascinating? Bonucci. Everything happened in a flash, it hasn’t sunk in yet!

“We said, ‘we’ll either do it right now or we won’t talk about it anymore.’

“Along with Ramos, he’s one of the best centre-backs in the world in terms of technique and character.

“Over the past few years, he learned to become a winner. He’s very important in all aspects.

“Signing him wasn’t easy: we made a big statement, but I can’t find the words to express the feelings of the last few days.

“Most difficult? Just a day before confirmation of Donnarumma’s new contract, he was our ‘mission impossible’.

“We inherited a player whose contract was expiring: the old management hadn’t succeeded, but it’s excellent that he renewed.

“The odds of that happening were zero for many people, but ultimately our desired result has been achieved.

“We worked on the will of Gigio and his family: they absolutely wanted Milan, that was the simplest key.

“Lotito? I have an excellent relationship with him. I know him very well and he’s an example to follow.

“When he asks for a price, he doesn’t let go of it, not even if his life depended on it. Still, we had this objective [Biglia] and brought him in.

“Belotti? We’re sorry if Torino are annoyed. We have a number of strikers in mind and we’re asking for information.

“I’ve spoken to Torino and they know that we’re following Belotti, as we are other strikers. Some of you [journalists] have mentioned them, while others haven’t been made public.

“We’re acting with fairness and transparency: we ask the clubs for permission before talking to players.

“Ghezzal is available for nothing and is interesting, but we’re focused on other attackers for now. There may also be a winger incoming, but a lot of the window still remains.”

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