Tuesday August 15 2017
Shkendija: ‘How we’re better than Milan…’

Milan’s Europa League opponents Shkendija released a video noting where they’re better - “our players are worth 400m… denars”.

The Macedonian side also play in red and black, and they face the Rossoneri at San Siro on Thursday, in the first leg of their Europa League play-off.

“We are Shkendija from Tetovo,” the video begins.

“From ancient Illyrians our city was founded in 1000 BC. You have Duomo di Milano, we have a colourful mosque which is even older than the Duomo.

“We admit that Tetovars like Monica Bellucci, but the Italians go crazy over Tetovar actor Blerim Destani.

“Italians fall in love and break hearts easily, we can offer them our world famous cardiologist Dr. Omer Dzemali.

“Italians may have the best pasta and pizza, but we have the best chef worldwide, Rene Redzepi.

“Your stadium capacity is for 80,000 people, but our city has 100,000 citizens.

“Your players are worth more than €330m, our players 400 million… denars [€6.5m].

“You sent scouts after we qualified, we have our scouts watching you all the time [in bars].

“You stole our kits in 1994, but it’s OK, we won’t make a big deal out of that, since Tetovo has more Rossoneri than Rome and Turin together.

“Milan has the second most trophies in the world, sorry but we're first among Albanians [Shkendija has is considered an Albanian team, despite playing in Macedonia].

“While you had to go to China to find a sponsor, our sponsor is Ecolog from Tetovo, a global leader in their league.

“The hearts of Tetovans will be beating red and black, the same as those of all Rossoneri.

“We’ll see you there, friends!”