Friday August 18 2017
Rizzoli: VAR won’t sideline refs

Serie A designator Nicola Rizzoli insists VAR will not affect the authority of referees as the final decision remains “only and exclusively” theirs.

Serie A joins the Bundesliga in adopting video assistant referees this season, but Rizzoli made it clear the objective was “minimal interference, maximum benefits and the game kept as fluid as possible.”

“We must all be prepared, as do the media, for this VAR project,” he said in front of 45 Serie A and B refs, plus 44 of the highest-ranking assistants.

“We’ve carried out monstrous work on it. If the project works out then it’s a victory for all of football.

“One thing must be clear – the final decision will be, as always, only and exclusively the referee’s.

“The objective for now is maximum accuracy of the decisions, with minimal interference and maximum benefits.

“The game must be kept as fluid as possible. VAR will only be used for clear errors in situations of protocol.”

Roberto Rosetti, the man in charge of VAR’s implementation in Italian football, added: “The ultimate objective is to improve football and give more guarantees to federations, Leagues, players and, above all, greater help to referees.”

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