Thursday August 24 2017
‘Milan clubs should share San Siro’

The mayor of Milan urges Milan and Inter to continue to share San Siro - “it’s an important resource for the city”.

Both clubs are keen to own their own stadium, with the original plan for the Rossoneri to move out and the Beneamata to buy the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and perform much-needed renovations.

However, that plan collapsed and the pair are still sharing while renting from the council, and the city’s mayor spoke about the situation today.

“I understand that in the head of every club the equation ‘own your own stadium = success’ makes sense, but the city of Milan can offer a different model,” Giuseppe Sala told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Juve built their stadium because of a series of situations which are difficult to repeat, in this economic climate I think it’s difficult to think of building new stadiums.

“In addition, Milanese are fond of San Siro which is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the world.

“I’ve met Inter several times and they’re open to a project with separate lounges, different entrances for both teams, dedicated areas.

“I’ve only met with Milan once. The municipality is available to develop sport and entertainment areas in the surrounds of the stadium.

“People who go to Madrid go to the Bernabeu, you have to understand that, likewise, San Siro is an important resource for the city of Milan.

“We could develop a bigger museum than the one that’s there now, which already attracts a lot of visitors.

“If we put Milan and Inter together we have the best honour roll in the world. The city is posting record numbers in tourism and tourists coming to Milan are different from those visiting Rome, Venice or Florence.

“They spend more, and the tourists have passions: football is a universal passion so it’s really important to develop that side. I won’t let it go.

“When I come back from holiday I’ll get the Inter and Milan directors together to talk about the stadium.”

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