Thursday August 31 2017
Fassone: 'Milan spent over €230m'

Milan CEO Marco Fassone revealed they were tracking Franck Kessie for a year and confirmed they spent €230m.

“Some of the first contacts we had with players who arrived this summer go back to last August. I remember (director of sport Massimiliano) Mirabelli went to see a game last year and he wanted to see Kessie play for Atalanta against Cagliari, so we were watching him for a long time,” explained Fassone on a livestreamed interview.

“There would be many anecdotes to tell about the transfers, but we’ll keep them to ourselves, the spice of life.

“Initially we had expected to pay less for transfers and more on wages, but we changed the balance. We spent over €230m and will put all of them on this year’s balance sheet, there will be no spreading out with loans or anything else.

“We thank the President, who allowed us to make an important splash on the transfer market. You see some huge numbers. We made some sales, and there might be a few others over the next few days, as some transfer windows are still open, and aim to eventually bring in around €60m from sales.

“We kept the commissions under control, under the five per cent mark, so worth circa €12m. The salary for the first team, which is very competitive, is €110-120m. Compared to the budget we had, we are actually better off and did almost everything we wanted to.”