Monday September 4 2017
‘Italy wanted Icardi, Maxi Lopez…’

Wanda Nara reveals Italy “tried to call up Mauro Icardi 2-3 times” and insists there was no love triangle with Maxi Lopez. “He cheated…”

Icardi’s Italian heritage saw him linked to the Azzurri in the past, while much was made of how Nara’s relationship with Icardi came to light, given she is the former wife of Maxi – the striker’s teammate when they played for Sampdoria.

“Italy? Yes, the Italian national team tried to call him up Icardi 2-3 times, but he always refused,” she continued to Telefe.

“Mauro had clear ideas and only wanted Argentina. He was moved when Sampaoli’s call-up came because he dreamed about being part of the Argentina squad for a long time.

“Maxi Lopez? He cheated and I got tired of it. It’s not true that Mauro was very good friends with Maxi.

“They were teammates and had a good relationship, but his best friends are in Argentina.

“Maxi and Mauro met several times and it was all very calm. The story, in fact, was noisier outside than inside.

“We won’t forget, for the good of the children, to try keeping our relationships as calm as possible.”