Thursday September 21 2017
Ravanelli: ‘Higuain a burden for Juve’

Former Juventus striker Fabrizio Ravanelli slams Gonzalo Higuain - “I’d leave him out against Torino”.

Pipita has been criticised for his form so far this season, culminating in a disastrous showing against Fiorentina last night.

“He’s really confused, he looks like a shadow of the Higuain we know,” Ravanelli said on Radio Sportiva.

“Allegri continuing to play him right now doesn’t help him, because he needs tranquility. His problem is more mental than physical.

“I think being left out of the national team hurt him, he should rest, above all his head. He should take a week’s holiday and then come back.

“He’s frustrated, he’s out of the game, he’s always trying to force it and he won’t help the team like that.

“I’d leave him out for the derby. I think he’s currently a burden for Juve, aside from the goals he’s scored he hasn’t been the Gonzalo we know.

“He scored an important goal in the derby last year, but from then on his performances have been disastrous.

“He needs to get back to being an important player, and this criticism than he can’t do it in important matches will certainly have hurt him: he’s struggling to score in the Champions League.

“All of this talk certainly won’t help him, but we know he’s a superstar, a top player, because Juve paid €90m for him.

“Unfortunately he’s not in condition to play right now.”