Friday September 22 2017
Altafini: Napoli like Pep’s Barca, Juve…

Jose Altafini claims Napoli “remind me of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona”, while Juventus “are only Paulo Dybala” at the moment.

Altafini preceded Gonzalo Higuain in swapping Napoli for Juve back in 1976, and the Italo-Brazilian great also gave his opinion on why the striker had yet to fire for the Bianconeri in 2017-18.

“After 10 years of being in love with Guardiola’s Barcelona, I finally found a team, Napoli, who remind me of them,” he told Corriere dello Sera.

“Some of their players seem like they’re on PlayStation. Juve? For now, they’re only Dybala. Their defence is suffering too much, while Higuain’s still not in shape.

“Having great players like Dybala alongside him will make it easier for him to score goals. He’s always scored plenty of goals, it’s normal that if you can’t, you get nervous.

“The blame doesn’t lie with Allegri. It’s a personal matter. If someone has character, they turn to themselves to find themselves.

“I don’t know Gonzalo well but, in my opinion, his absence from the Argentina team may have made an impact, at such a delicate time, on the road to the World Cup. This time, Icardi was called up…”

“Napoli’s failings? They lack great full-backs. With them, their team would be perfect. They’re joint-favourites for the Scudetto, alongside Juve.

“Napoli will get even better if they keep going as they are. Juve, on the other hand, must fix their defence.”