Monday September 25 2017
Montella: ‘Milan deserve criticism’

Vincenzo Montella says criticism of Milan was “objectively right” but warns against losing “lucidity”.

The Rossoneri were beaten 2-0 by Sampdoria yesterday, with both the result and the manner of defeat piling pressure on the Coach.

“I think the criticisms are objectively right,” Montella told Milan TV.

“It was also right to externalise them today. We all agree that the performance was below the level of Milan right now. My objective is to understand why this happened and try to intervene.

“We spoke with the club first and then the players, we’re aware we have to create a winning mindset quickly.

“There are a lot of ways to do things, but there are some rules which are worthwhile. We need to create a mentality and achieve balance.

“We have to accept criticism, be balanced and not lose anything lucidity in analysing everything.

“We don’t need to look for one or more guilty parties, the club has asked me to intervene and not repeat these kind of performances.

“Certainly though they won’t intervene on formations and players, which is entirely down to me.

“Above all we need to work on the consistency of our performances, and that starts with the mentality.

“Winning mentalities are built over time, and sometimes you can stumble. If we’re smart, prepared and lucid; these falls can raise our competitive level.

“Rotation? It’s unthinkable for a player to play every three days, in my opinion. Obviously there are some exceptions, some can use their mentality to get through.”