Monday September 25 2017
Tavecchio: ‘Reduce number of teams’

FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio wants to see fewer teams in the professional ranks to “make significant savings for the clubs”.

There has been talk of returning Serie A to 18 teams, while in Serie B and even the regionalised Lega Pro, travelling expenses can be a problem for the smaller sides.

“At the start of next year we’ll start a round table discussion and I hope we can reach a reasonable solution,” Tavecchio told La Politica nel Pallone.

“It’s inevitable that the professional leagues should be reduced, I’m referring to Serie A, Serie B and above all Serie C [Lega Pro].

“You could go from the current 102 teams to 70, and it’s not a problem which concerns only Italy, but also the rest of Europe.

“Reducing the number of teams would make significant savings for the clubs, but in the end this decision is up to the participants, it’ll be difficult to bring this question to completion.

“The facts are there and the will is there, but those on the right side of the table will never meet with those on the left and to reduce the size of the leagues we need qualified majorities.”

Tavecchio also discussed the national team, with the Azzurri almost certainly consigned to the play-offs as they look to reach next summer’s World Cup.

“We have two important matches against Macedonia and Albania to reach the play-offs, and they shouldn’t give us too much trouble.

“We’ll see who we meet but we’re lucky enough to be the top seed so we’ll have the first game away and the second at home.

“Will the return leg be at San Siro? We’ve played in the south and the north many times, we haven’t decided.”