Wednesday October 4 2017
‘Derby make or break for Milan’

Andriy Shevchenko claims the Derby della Madonnina after the international break is already “make or break” for Milan.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport for its Wednesday edition, Shevchenko also discussed Milan’s competitors for the Serie A title and reflected on his favourite derby experience against Inter.

“Juve are the best in terms of in corporate structure, squad and experience,” continued the former Rossoneri striker.

“Immediately after them, I can see Napoli, who haven’t stopped growing. Inter? They have Spalletti, who is technically prepared, meticulous, never gives up and puts his heart in his work.

“Spalletti’s a guarantee for Inter, and the Nerazzurri will be there until the end.

“Criticism of Milan’s transfers? I was concerned about them and I’d like to clarify what I said.

“I just said what I’d personally have done in the market, which was to sign 3-4 top players, but the road chosen by the new owners is a fair one.

“In my opinion, it’s a long-term project and therefore patience is needed from everyone: they’re starting from scratch and they’ve signed players for the future. The stars will probably arrive within the next couple of years.

“It’s right to raise the bar, also in what’s being said [to the Press]. Milan must always aim for the top.

“Derby della Madonnina? I don’t know how it’ll end, but it’s already all-or-nothing for Milan.

“The derby of my heart is the return leg of the 2003 Champions League Final. There was crazy tension in the city, but I had one great quality: when I stepped on to the pitch, I’d empty my mind of everything around me. The fans and banners would disappear.

“I had only the pitch and opponents in my head and eyes. The icons back then were Zanetti, my toughest opponent, and then Paolo Maldini, who’s still my captain today.”