Wednesday October 11 2017
Fassone: Faith in Montella, but…

Marco Fassone insists “it won’t be a decisive Derby della Madonnina” for Vincenzo Montella but hopes Milan’s rebuild “won’t take too long.”

Montella is under pressure to deliver a win against Inter on Sunday, with Milan having lost three of their last six Serie A matches, but Fassone made it clear the Coach had his backing for now.

“It won’t be a decisive derby for Montella,” said the CEO after Lega Serie A had accepted an offer for foreign TV rights.

“The Coach has our complete confidence and I reiterate the confidence and esteem I have for him.

“We started a long-term project, not one for 7-8 days. We all know that it takes some time, although we hope it won’t take too long.

“The derby won’t be decisive for Milan either. It’ll certainly be an important one because we come into this match after two defeats, but ‘decisive’ is a big word.”