Tuesday October 17 2017
Allegri: ‘Juventus need balance’

Massimiliano Allegri assures “the atmosphere is good” at Juventus, but “we have to regain the balance”.

The Bianconeri lost to Lazio on Saturday, having thrown away a two goal lead against Atalanta in their previous Serie A game.

“The atmosphere is good,” Allegri assured in his Press conference ahead of the Sporting CP match tomorrow night.

“We have to regain the balance. We can’t get depressed, because we drew in Bergamo and we lost at home to Lazio - losing and drawing happens.

“In football there are times when things go well and times where they go less well, moments where you have good opponents and moments where the opponents aren’t as good.

“It’s normal that we have to work on the mistakes we’ve made, but the mistakes were only in attention and game management, as happened in eight minutes against Lazio.

“Juventus have had a good start to the season. At the moment the ones who have done something important are Napoli, because they’ve won all eight games so at the moment we can say that the season is theirs.

“It’s a very long season, it will be a beautiful and exciting one because the fixture list is beautiful, there will be three head-to-head games right at the end, so there will be great suspense and it’ll be very entertaining.

“I’m already thinking about when we get to March and there are the last five rounds - the pressure, preparing the matches… that will be a very fun period.

“Right now the important thing is tomorrow, tomorrow is a complicated game against a team that defends very well, with an experienced Coach [Jorge Jesus] who is good at preparing these games.

“They actually played a very good game against Barcelona. So we’ll need a lot of patience and the right mentality, knowing we have a great chance to go through in these two games.

“If not we’ll have to score points against Barcelona and over in Greece. It’s 180 minutes, two games, and we’re ready.

“As we saw on Saturday with what happened in those eight minutes, anything can happen in football and that’s what makes it great.

“If you give that ball to Higuain 100 times, I think 110 times it’ll end up in the goal but just because of a physical thing it didn’t, and you have to accept that.

“We need to work on our little shortcomings right now, the defensive phase and game management.”

Allegri was then asked what he’s expecting from tomorrow’s game.

“I’ve already said what game I expect, a difficult game, a Champions League game. The games are different in the Champions League.”

Paulo Dybala missed a last minute penalty in that loss to Lazio, and the Coach was asked about the form of La Joya.

“I spoke to him yesterday, he has to reach a balance,” Allegri said.

“After the first few games he was being compared to Messi, now because of the penalties he isn’t anymore.

“He’s young and extraordinary, these things will strengthen him and allow him to find a balance. It’s not like he should be exalted if he scores a hat-trick against Sassuolo, or beat himself up if he misses two penalties in a row.

“It’s the same as [Federico] Bernardeschi, who is inserting himself. Playing for Fiorentina, with all due respect, is a different thing from playing here.

“Will Dybala take the penalties? Always him. That absolutely will not change.”

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