Friday October 20 2017
Cassano: I haven’t retired, Juve…

Former Italy ace Antonio Cassano insists he has not retired from football but reveals “I rejected Juventus three times.”

In a candid interview with Inter fan Paolo Bonolis on Canale 5, Cassano also explained why his first-ever goal against the Nerazzurri was his favourite, how his reputation helped him off the field and who were his favourite teammates.

“My most beautiful goal? I scored my first goal against Inter and I did it on purpose,” began the ex-Roma and Real Madrid forward.

“They’re the team of my heart and it made me handsome, rich and famous.

“Beautiful women attracted to footballers? Even if you’re ugly, you become handsome because you get rich.

“Is my wife happy that I no longer play? My wife’s a bit bothered about me being at home all day. I’m not easy to live with and I watch football all day long.

“Why didn’t I stay at Roma? Because the best team in the world called me, Real Madrid.

“Messi? I have immense love for him. He’s stratospheric and the best, more so than Maradona. For me, Lionel’s better.

“Why did I stop playing? I haven’t stopped playing football. I want to go to a team that make me happy.

“Once upon a time, I was happy to go to a team that offered me a blank contract, and that was the most beautiful team in the world, Inter.

“Milan? I was crucial to their last Scudetto? A team that you don’t like? Juventus because they win so much.

“I rejected Juventus three times because they’re all put in place and I’m not like that, but that’s fine, I'm glad to be an interista.

“Which Coaches did I fall out with? All of them except my first Coach at Bari, Fascetti.

“We’d fall out because they rightly have to make decisions and so do I. Although here you see me quiet and behaving well, I was hard work on the pitch.

“The player that improved me? I was lucky to play with Zidane and Ronaldo, but the one I enjoyed playing alongside the most was Totti, absolutely.

“Have I ever dived? Several times. Maybe I did when I couldn’t hack playing in midfield anymore, and I’d thank the referee for helping me in those situations, but I’ve never dived for a penalty.

“Team I liked scoring against the most? Juventus.”