Friday October 20 2017
Spalletti unimpressed by ‘lucky’ talk

Luciano Spalletti has dismissed suggestions that Inter’s start to the season was a fluke. “I’m luckier than you’ve seen so far…”

Inter face Napoli in a top-of-the-table clash on Saturday, two points behind the Serie A leaders, but the Nerazzurri have been accused of recording better results than their performances suggest.

Nonetheless, the ever-sarcastic Spalletti defended his team, telling a Press conference: “We also want to play well, like Napoli, but we haven’t been able to yet.

“It’s not easy to get them off the ball, so the only chance is to keep it as much as we can.

“It’s been called the clash between beauty and pragmatism, but we’re well equipped.

“We’ve already climbed some steps and left some of them behind. If we’re at this point, it’s because we’ve been studying.

“Inter lucky? I definitely have the wind behind me. I’m luckier than you’ve seen so far. We also have monsignor who said mass here at Pinetina…

“This game can keep us at the top. You have to play well and do enough to prove that you can be the best in different phases of the game.

“You have to cause [your opponents] more than one problem because if you don’t, they can resolve the match quickly.

“Now we’re pretty deep [into the season], so we’ll go and challenge them at their place. You don’t need to remember that I won at Napoli last season.

“It’s enough to see the reaction of all the interismo after Milan’s goal at 2-2. I can’t convey mentality in those circumstances where there’s disappointment. The noise [in the media] and Coach can’t do anything [to stop it].

“The Manchester match didn’t teach me anything about Napoli, they were also perfect there.

“If anything, I learned that Guardiola that always offers new solutions, but Napoli still managed to defuse them, even if their cheapest player costs €40m.

“Joao Mario has fully recovered, even if Borja was superb in the derby, shielding all the lines of passage.

“I hope my lads are motivated enough to return to the Champions League without watching the games on TV.

“Less pressure on Inter being underdogs? Do me a favour – don’t come to Naples tomorrow. Whoever thinks that can stay at home.

“We have a slender squad because we’re not in Europe, but we can play against anyone.”

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