Tuesday October 24 2017
Lazio Ultras: ‘Stickers not a crime’

Lazio’s Ultras insist the anti-Semitic slogans and Anne Frank stickers left in the Curva Sud are “not a crime”.

The Biancocelesti’s hardcore fans sat in Roma’s end of the Stadio Olimpico on Sunday night, as their Curva Nord was closed for racist chanting.

After the win over Cagliari, pictures of Anne Frank in a Roma shirt were discovered, as well as homophobic and anti-Jewish sentiments.

“We’re stunned by this media clamour,” a statement by the leaders of the Irriducibili Ultras begins.

“There are other ‘incidents’ that merit being cracked open by television programs and in the pages of newspapers.

“We don’t disassociate ourselves from what we have not done. We’re surprised by those who consider themselves offended, insulted or who knows what else, but when they come to us they’re not scandalised by anything.

“The same stickers are also found in our Curva, but we’re certainly not whining because nobody has condemned this. We are Lazio and we don’t cry!

“Everything has to stay in the realm of ‘nothing’, it maybe comes down to taunting and teasing from some lad that these things ended up in this area.

“Also, due to a court ruling [in February, which stated that using ‘Jew’ as an insult isn’t a crime] it’s not a crime to accuse an opposition fan of belonging to another religion.

“Obviously even the FIGC doesn’t remember this though, if it’s true that they’ve opened an investigation.

“They’re moving to strike Lazio, when the team has affirmed itself as one of the best in the League, with the fans who are doing so much, with a lot of initiatives no-one ever talks about.”