Tuesday October 24 2017
Buffon: ‘I’ll step aside for Szczesny’

Gianluigi Buffon reiterates he’ll retire at the end of the season, with the possible exception being if Juventus win the Champions League.

The legendary goalkeeper plans to retire after the 2018 World Cup, but could play on as a backup for an extra year to try and add the Club World Cup to his trophy cabinet, should the Bianconeri triumph in Europe.

“There’s no margin [to change my mind] because I’m quite convinced of the choices I’ve made,” Buffon told Sky.

“More than anything else I’m a very calm person in the sense that I don’t worry about the future and what my life could be, I just have to face it, and I’ll face it with enthusiasm, as well as the desire and curiosity to test myself.

“As a result I wouldn’t change anything just to have one or two more years. I don’t think I can add or take away from what I’ve already done.

“The only way I could do it would be winning the Champions League, then I could say ‘ok, we’ll I’ll try to win the Club World Cup’. Maybe Szczesny could play one game, and me the other, I don’t know.

“But I think with a goalkeeper like him behind me, it’s normal that I’ll step aside next year.”

Buffon was also asked about the anti-Semitic slurs left by Lazio fans in the Roma end of the Stadio Olimpico.

“The recipe is to do what is being done right now in the media, even now in stigmatising, then put in place initiatives to increase the sensibilities, as well as in the case of the Italian people.

“I think beyond that it’s a question of a cultural and consciousness problem.

“It’s undeniable that when you can touch it with your hands, touch the truth of history and what happened to humanity, you can’t remain indifferent to certain tragedies and certain scars.

“I think these utterances and xenophobic manifestations are the result of little knowledge of what history has taught us.”