Tuesday November 14 2017
Maradona: ‘Italy only crossed it…’

Diego Maradona says “it's sad that Italy, one of the greats” haven’t qualified for the World Cup but they “played as Sweden wanted, crossing the ball”.

The Azzurri drew 0-0 in the play-off last night, having lost 1-0 in Solna, and the Napoli legend wasn’t impressed with their performance.

“I am very sorry that Italy didn't make it to the World Cup,” Maradona wrote on his official Facebook page.

“The Italians always offer a certain flair to the tournament. I watched the match and it seems to me that Italy played as Sweden wanted, crossing the ball. And they [Sweden] had two huge centre backs.

“The competition gets tougher and more closed each time. It's sad that Italy, one of the greats, has been left out of the Russian World Cup…"

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