Thursday November 16 2017
Cairo: ‘Tavecchio must resign’

Torino President Urbano Cairo says Carlo Tavecchio has to step down as President of the FIGC - “you can’t just go on as though nothing happened”.

Italy have failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1958, with CT Giampiero Ventura sacked yesterday.

There have been calls for the head of the Federation to follow him out the door, but yesterday he refused to step aside.

When Tavecchio was first elected, only Juventus, Roma and Torino voted against him and the Granata patron believes he should go now.

“When he was elected the first time I didn’t give him my vote, then I gave him my vote for reelection because I liked some of the work he’d done, it went beyond what I expected," Cairo explained to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“My judgement of him is positive, but when you’re faced with an epochal failure like this there have to be consequences, you can’t just go on as though nothing happened.

“I’m not a Partito Democratico voter, but I appreciated the way [Matteo] Renzi resigned as Prime Minister and secretary of the party after the referendum, then restarted in the primaries and won.

“Tavecchio should do the same, in theory there’s nothing preventing him from running again with a super project, but we need a sign that something has changed.

“It’s not enough just to throw the name of a great and much-loved CT on the table…”