Thursday November 16 2017
‘Milan need our own stadium’

Marco Fassone says Milan “need our own stadium” whether that involves “restructuring San Siro, or evaluating other zones both in and out of Milan”.

The Rossoneri had planned to move to a new arena in the Portello area of the city, but former President Silvio Berlusconi pulled the plug on the project after a dispute with the company that owned the land.

That also affected their San Siro co-tenants Inter, who had been hoping to redevelop the Meazza once Milan moved out.

It was reported this week that the Diavolo were again exploring the possibility of leaving San Siro, and their CEO was quizzed on that during today’s Q&A.

“We think that San Siro - which is an icon of world football - in the medium term can’t allow us to achieve the economic objectives that a single stadium can provide,” Fassone explained.

“The gap between foreign countries and Italy is largely due to the stadiums. Having a single stadium for Milan, whether it’s San Siro or elsewhere, is up for debate.

“We’ll certainly choose the best thing for Milan, because we need our own stadium. It’s a path we’ve drawn.”

After the Q&A session, Fassone also answered questions on the stadium from Milan TV.

“The capacity is controversial, everyone wants it to to be 80,000 because we fill it three times a year [the two Milan derbies and Juventus at home], but at other times no.

“So we need to find a balance but I’m sure we’ll manage that. We’re working on two diverse ideas, restructuring San Siro, or evaluating other zones both in and out of Milan.

“Will there be other commercial things in a new stadium? It would have to be that way. The stadium serves to raise the revenue, so yes.

“Will there be statues of famous Milan players near San Siro? Yes, I think the mayor is making the first steps to do that.

“We’ll soon have some illustrious Milanisti on the piazze and streets of our city.”