Monday November 20 2017
‘CONI will take charge of FIGC’

Giovanni Malago, President of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), says he has a mandate to take interim charge of the FIGC.

Tavecchio ended his three-year spell as FIGC President on Monday morning, but despite his insistence that he would continue for another 90 days, Malago asserted the rules stated otherwise.

“There is a willingness to take charge the Federcalcio, as the rules state,” he said after the Council meeting.

“For me, it’s only solution. The facts are clear and objective. If there had been a Federal Council that was compact and strong, there could be other solutions,

“However if in such an exceptional context, like a failure to qualify for the World Cup, you find that some stakeholders take antagonistic positions, such as the AIC and Lega Pro.

“A scientist wasn’t needed to work out this outcome, which I’d already identified a few hours before.

“Leading the FIGC? I want to talk to friends of the board first. It’s not up to me. I think I have a complicated schedule for the next 90 days, with the Olympics too.

“Common sense would be to find another solution, but I want to talk to them first.”