Monday November 20 2017
Barzagli: Germany the blueprint, Juve…

Andrea Barzagli has urged Italy to emulate “Germany and Belgium for the next 10 years” and agrees Juventus “are lacking the will to suffer.”

Barzagli retired from international football last week after Italy’s failure to qualify for the World Cup, while Juve’s 3-2 defeat to Sampdoria over the weekend saw Giorgio Chiellini question his teammates’ desire.

“We need a project for the next 10 years,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“It’d be wrong to think that Italy can win the Euros in two years’ time and reprogram everything in such a short space of time.

“We need someone to enter the FIGC and implement a clear programme without any constraints, able to make decisions freely and work in the long term.

“You can’t do all that in a year. I’d welcome the entry of former players into the FIGC,

“It’s not about their name, but they must have the necessary skills. Experience away from the pitch is also important.

“We need to start again with young players and use the examples of Belgium and Germany.

“Juve’s match against Barcelona? It’ll be crucial and we must get our spirit of sacrifice back. Juventus must be aware that they still need to suffer.

“Winning six Scudetti doesn’t mean that everything is a given. Winning these games are important for peace of mind.

“I agree with Chiellini: we’re lacking the will to suffer. We all have to give more.”