Monday November 20 2017
Montella: ‘Critics don’t bother me’

Milan Coach Vincenzo Montella shrugs “I always accept criticism”, but believes his team is improving.

The Rossoneri lost to Napoli on Saturday night, a result which leaves them 11 points off fourth place, their minimum objective at the start of the season.

“I always accept criticism, you just have to know how to take it and understand where it comes from,” Montella explained to Milan TV.

“It’s fine, the important thing is never to miss the balance or the right angle when evaluating criticism.

“I am judged, and those above me must be judged by their work. There’s an excellent relationship with [sporting director Massimiliano] Mirabelli.

“Of course there are evaluations to be made, everything can be fine-tuned, but on a personal level the relationship is wonderful.

“I’ve gleaned from the media that Mirabelli was upset by the defeat [to Napoli] but who wasn’t? Of course, I sometimes hide it with a smile.

“Mirabelli, like the players is disappointed.

“We lost to a team that got almost 100 points last season, we showed good things in glimpses but we made mistakes too.

“Milan had a decent game against Napoli, but we can’t settle for that.

“It’s true that we didn’t have the ball in their box in the first half, but we’re the team that’s had the most shots on Napoli’s goal.

“I think Milan played a beautiful game on Saturday, but there are things to improve.

“I think we can make up ground. I’m optimistic because I see a team that’s improving, albeit not supersonically. We need to complete it, but we’re working.

“On Sunday we have Torino waiting for us, they’re a great team and we’ll need to play our game. Torino will compete for the Europa League places.”