Thursday November 23 2017
Kaka: ‘Always in love with Milan’

Kaka says he’s “always in love with Milan”, but reiterates that he has to decide whether to retire before serious discussions about becoming a director.

The midfielder met with CEO Marco Fassone today, as the Rossoneri are keen to offer him a role on the board.

However, despite leaving Orlando City at the end of the MLS season the Brazilian hasn’t decided if he’ll hang up his boots.

“I’ve been here for three days, I have really nice memories,” Kaka said, speaking to Milan TV.

“We just talked, about some ideas. I still need time to decide if I’ll play football or not. It’s a delicate moment for me, and I explained that to Fassone too.

“I know there’s a chance to come back to Milan, but first I have to decide whether to keep playing or not.

“It’s all still hypothetical so it’s early to talk about it. I already like being close to Milan.

“I’m always in love with Milan, the relationship with the club is brilliant and I told Fassone that too. For a Brazilian it’s a special thing to fall in love with an Italian club like this.

“It’s wonderful to see the club and the fans again.”

Kaka was also asked for his opinions on the new Milan board.

“The idea is clear for everyone: to bring Milan back to the top. The objectives are fixed.

“It depends on the results on the pitch and the decisions that will be taken. Talking about a timescale is complicated, you need to evaluate things as you proceed.”