Saturday November 25 2017
Stadio della Roma gets all-clear?

The Stadio della Roma finally seems ready for the all-clear to open in 2020, as the Government agrees to pay for the construction of a crucial bridge.

This project has been in the works for five years, ever since President James Pallotta took over, but was rejected due to various issues with the location, transport links, funding and the construction of two towers that were scrapped.

It looks as if the purpose-built arena might finally get the go-ahead next week, as it’s reported the Government has pledged to pay for bridge connecting the Tor di Valle site with the rest of Rome’s transport links.

With the €90m investment in the Ponte di Traiano ready, albeit with the lowering of costs to the proposed extension of the Metro line, Roma should get the green light very soon.

“We are optimistic and could close the agreement over the next few days,” confessed regional assessor Michele Civita.

Work could start on construction of the Stadio della Roma in early 2018 with an inauguration hoped for the 2020-21 season.