Thursday December 7 2017

EDF: ‘Roma looking forward’

Eusebio Di Francesco says he and his Roma squad “are looking forward” because they “can’t be content”.

The Giallorossi won their Champions League group ahead of Chelsea and Atletico Madrid, and are five points off the top of Serie A with a game in hand.

“Honestly I’m looking forward,” Di Francesco shrugged, speaking on Roma Radio.

“We’ve created a nice atmosphere here and I can say it’s a pleasure to come to work every morning, saying hi to everyone.

“If you can enjoy your work, the rest follows by itself.

“I’ve always tried to be myself, bringing my methods and my ideas, without distorting anything. I’ve been lucky enough that the players and everyone here took my ideas on board right away.

“I hope that remains for a long time and doesn’t get caught up in some negative results. Defeats can be healthy though, in certain contexts they can be a turning point, like with Napoli.

“We can’t be satisfied, that’s what I’ll be telling the lads again today. We can’t get too carried away, going overboard isn’t good in any walk of life.

“I demand the maximum from my players every day, and we have to prove that we can do well.”

Di Francesco was asked how he’s dealt with the step up from being Sassuolo Coach to taking charge of the Lupi.

“A player wants clarity from his Coach. Today’s players want understand why they’re being asked to do something, they’re more engaged.

“People need to know what the Coach is doing during the week, the match is just the final part of a week’s work.

“Rotation? The Coach knows the team best. In all of them though there’s the potential for growth, and sometimes people surpass those who were the initial starters.

“These players have understood that the group counts more than the individual.

“We made the choice to take two players for each role, knowing they’re not the same. When I rotate I don’t put new players all together.

“On the pitch it’s not just technique that counts, but also leadership qualities within a group. The defeat in Vigo is an example, where I put a lot of new players together.

“Maybe I was judged too soon, but it was a moment of growth.

“The weekend? I already have the skeleton of a line-up in my head, then there will be rotation based on physical condition.

“Sometimes a player might tell me he doesn’t have 90 minutes in his legs, but sometimes I’ll choose a player who isn’t at his best because he’s essential for that game.”