Thursday December 7 2017
Malago: ‘Other clubs need stadiums’

CONI President Giovanni Malago wants other clubs to push ahead with new stadiums, now Roma’s has been approved.

It was confirmed this week that the Giallorossi have been granted approval to begin work on the new arena in the Tor di Valle area, and they hope to open the new ground for 2020.

“Should other clubs take the same step?” Malago considered, speaking as he arrived for a conference in Rome.

“Absolutely, for Lazio and other clubs which are carrying these projects forward. Cagliari are a long way down the road, things are moving in Bologna, then there’s Florence too.

“There’s turmoil in Milan, there’s a discourse underway with the city of Bari and we’re waiting to understand what will happen in Naples.

“If I’ve forgotten anyone I don’t want to be disrespectful, but that’s the future, I’ve always supported this.”