Thursday March 22 2012
Montella’s thirst for knowledge

Vincenzo Montella has revealed that he continues to study to improve his coaching, whilst holding Jose Mourinho as an example to follow.

Since retiring from playing in June 2009, Montella has progressed from Under-15 Coach with Roma to the Giallorossi’s interim boss last season to leading Catania to a current eighth place in Serie A this season.

The 37-year-old, who has previously studied accountancy, psychology and sports management, has revealed that the continued quest for knowledge is perhaps why he is currently excelling in the job.

“My studies continue because I have also enrolled at the university, for physical education, I will get eight exams,” Montella revealed to La Repubblica on Thursday.

“Football has changed and a Coach is not sufficient in his role if he only knows formations and tactics.

“Managing a dressing room is more complex work. Talking to dozens of television and radio stations is also part of my job, so I have to know how to communicate.

“I also must understand how to manage a player who is going through a particular spell. And it is not possible to not know that the end of the month the accounts at the club must make a return. Mourinho is an example - he has total control of communication and his management team.”

Montella reflected on how the game has developed since his very recent days as a player.

“The game is different now, players have changed especially. Before, we listened in silence and obeyed the Coach.

“This is no longer the case. My players want to know things, to intervene and they must be convinced of what they do.

“I do not know if I’m one of the few, but I believe in dialogue [with the players]. Of course in the end someone has to decide and that someone is me.

“But I have had so many Coaches myself who confused authority with authoritarianism and when the bluff was over so where they. And the team has abandoned them.”

Catania are currently eighth in the table, just seven points away from the final Champions League qualification slot.

“It is a reward for our work, because all our points have been earned. [The success] is not random, though. We have one of the best sports centres in Europe and with our discipline and organisation we can be an envy of the bigger clubs.

“And all this is from the League’s most southern team. There is an air of renewal in our country. Why can this not start from Catania football team?”