Monday April 2 2012
Viola ‘don’t want Milan repercussions’

Sandro Mencucci has appealed to the Italian game’s governing bodies to ensure that Fiorentina do not become victims of Milan’s recent refereeing misfortune.

The Rossoneri drew 1-1 draw with Catania on Saturday, but felt they were denied a second goal that might have won the game when Robinho’s second-half effort was cleared off the line, with replays proving inconclusive.

Viola general manager Mencucci believes that it was a goal, but has asked that his team, who are next in line in the League to face Milan, are not the ones to fall foul to reactionary officiating favourable to the San Siro side.

“I have read of the controversies of the disallowed goal for Milan against Catania, but I would like people to not forget the two mistakes that were made yesterday against Fiorentina.

“They were errors in good faith, but certainly they have not helped. I would not want Fiorentina on Saturday against Milan to become sacrificial victims. Already we are in a difficult situation and so if you add the mistakes of the referees to that…”

That difficult situation is 17th place, five points above the relegation zone.

“Against Chievo we have not played a bad game, but there was a clear penalty not given. In Parma there was a penalty whistled against us for a light shirt pull, while yesterday a kick against our player in the box was not seen.

“I’m saying this now and not in a few days, because from now there is a whole week before Milan-Fiorentina. I reiterate that the Milan goal at Catania was unchallengeable, but we do not want retaliation for this situation.

“We have always been quiet and I speak now because I do not want to pay for our refinement. Against Milan we expect a prohibitive encounter because they are fighting for the Scudetto.

“I do not think it will be a crucial match for our League survival, because otherwise I would feel bad. I hope that other games are decisive for our survival.”

Mencucci then commented on the rumours today linking Sinisa Mihajlovic with a return to the bench in place of Delio Rossi.

“Our club is not accustomed to change Coaches during the season. Rossi is competent and we are confident in our choice. Mihajlovic also was strong and competent. When we replaced him we realised it was because we needed the change.”