Thursday May 3 2012
Bosses ‘back’ fighter Rossi

Atalanta boss Stefano Colantuono insists players must respect Coaches after Fiorentina’s Delio Rossi attacked Adem Ljajic.

The Viola tactician, sacked after the game for his actions, struck the youngster on the bench following a verbal disagreement.

“It’s a complicated situation,” said Colantuono when asked about the conduct of his Serie A coaching colleague.

“It certainly wasn’t a nice thing to see, but the player has to respect the Coach because he is there to do a job.

“We often make mistakes when we justify them, but they have to have respect firstly for the man and then the Coach.

“Rossi hasn’t come from nowhere, but he was provoked. You have to put yourself in his position.”

Novara boss Attilio Tesser also laid some of the responsibility for those shocking events on the midfielder.

“Those scenes shouldn’t be seen, but I didn’t like the attitude of the player,” Tesser argued. “Rossi hasn’t gone mad and the player must have said something to get that reaction.”

Ljalic, before saying anything to the tactician, did sarcastically applaud and give him a thumbs up to the decision to replace him after just 36 minutes.

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