Tuesday May 8 2012
Cruyff likes Juve’s winning style

Dutch legend Johan Cruyff has praised the way that Juventus went about winning the Scudetto this season.

The former Barcelona star has criticised Italian football in the past for being too cautious, but he’s been impressed by Antonio Conte’s Old Lady.

“Juve play some good football,” he stated at a golf event in Turin. “They are attacking and entertaining. Winning is not the only thing that counts, playing well does too.

“They’ve come a long way since 2006 [Serie B demotion] and this victory is the right reward for their efforts.

“Do they play like Barcelona? It’s hard to say, but they certainly entertain the fans.”

Cruyff was also asked for his opinion on playmaker Andrea Pirlo – a player he has previously hailed – and Alex Del Piero.

“Pirlo is a great, the ball does what he wants, and he could also play for Barcelona,” added the 65-year-old.

“Del Piero, like Gigi Buffon, has Juventus in him. He went down to Serie B with them and then returned. It’s hard to explain what he represents for the club.”

The club captain will leave Turin next month after the club ruled out an extension for the No 10.