Friday June 1 2012
‘Man City won’t get Lavezzi or Cavani’

Roberto Mancini’s agent reveals Manchester City’s failed attempts to sign PSG target Ezequiel Lavezzi, and the valuation quoted to them for Edinson Cavani.

The Premier League champions have been linked with both players in recent years, but in discussing the club’s plans to strengthen this summer, Coach Mancini’s agent Giorgio De Giorgis suggested neither are likely to arrive in England.

“How do you reinforce Manchester City? It’s not easy to find better players than those already in the squad,” reflected the representative on Radio Crc.

“It will not be easy in the market this year because when you buy, the players are too expensive and when you sell, everyone wants to cash in on the real value of the player.”

There are growing reports that Paris Saint-Germain are on the verge of completing negotiations with Napoli’s Lavezzi, a player who De Giorgis admitted City have more than once considered in the past.

“I don’t know if he has already agreed to go to PSG, but I believe he will. City knows everything about all the players in the world because their staff works very well.

“I believe that City had, for more than a year and a half, spoken with Lavezzi but did not sign him because of problems over demands and because he did not believe City were at the right level.

“I think that now, City does not yet have a clear idea of who to sign, it’s not easy with some clubs.”

The agent developed this point further, suggesting that even the English side would struggle to fund deals to match asking prices set.

“Napoli’s President has asked for €50m for Edinson Cavani. Is he worth that? What would Carlos Tevez be worth? And Sergio Aguero? That is to say, finding €50m to pay is not easy for any club.

“That this money was spent by Barcelona on Alexis Sanchez is another matter, because they obviously had the money.

“It’s not easy to find a club that will pay you so much money and it shows in Lavezzi’s case with his €30m clause that exists, but no club is willing to match.

“All the good players cost a lot, the problem is finding clubs that can afford to spend.”

Mancini himself admitted today that the English champions will first have to sell a striker before signing any of those rumoured to be targets.

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