Monday June 18 2012
Ancelotti predicts Italy-Ireland

Carlo Ancelotti predicts the Italy-Ireland and Spain-Croatia scores and admits Ezequiel Lavezzi “should be joining us” at PSG.

The Paris Saint-Germain tactician spoke to Radio 2 about this evening’s matches, which see the Azzurri take on the Republic of Ireland and hope Spain-Croatia doesn’t end 2-2.

“Italy will beat Ireland 2-0 and Spain will defeat Croatia 3-1,” said Ancelotti.

“The Spaniards are the favourites for the whole tournament, even if Germany play a more dangerous and attacking style of football.”

A €27m deal has been in place for some weeks with Napoli for Lavezzi, though it has not yet been completed.

“Will Lavezzi arrive or not? He should be joining us.”