Saturday June 23 2012
Brescia blast €0 Caracciolo bid

Brescia have slammed Genoa for “breaking their promises” and refusing to enter a bid in the blind auction for Andrea Caracciolo.

The two clubs had a co-ownership deal and could not reach an agreement on who would buy him outright, so the matter went to a blind auction.

Both sides wrote a figure in a sealed envelope and the highest bid would win, but in this case it’s revealed Brescia offered only €200,000 and Genoa proposed €0.

“Caracciolo’s return to Brescia only happened because Genoa broke their promises and went back on everything they said last year,” President Gino Corioni told TMW.

“Genoa had a mandatory obligation to buy the player, but then backed out. We’ve got him back now, but had no plans for this. There was a deal with Genoa that was not respected.”

Brescia were also in a blind auction for Alessandro Diamanti, who is now owned outright by Bologna.

“I certainly couldn’t expect Diamanti to come to play for Brescia in Serie B, as he is one of the strongest players in Italy.

“He is unique and deserves a top club. It’s not true that Parma and Udinese were ready to sign him if he had come to Brescia, as the requests came from abroad. There were no Italian clubs convinced of his talents.”