Tuesday June 26 2012
Low: We aren’t here for revenge

Joachim Low has declared that notable meetings from Italy and Germany’s past will not matter ahead of Thursday’s Euro 2012 semi-final.

The Italians and Germans will clash in Warsaw later this week in the last four of the European Championships.

It is the first competitive meeting between the nations since the 2006 World Cup semi-final that the Azzurri won in extra-time. At the same time as revisiting this game, this week’s build-up has also recalled other memorable encounters between the two, including the 1982 World Cup final and the 1970 World Cup semi-final, that both also went Italy’s way.

However, Low has made clear that his team are not out for revenge for any of this trio of notable defeats, even if a number of the squad in 2012 were involved in 2006.

“In football there is no revenge, it is not possible,” reflected the Coach to an assembled media on Tuesday.

“You cannot, for example, replace what happened in 2006, it belongs in the past. Six years ago some of our current players were there, but now the situation is different, the past does not matter to us.

“For our younger players, [1970] does not matter. They do not know why that game is part of the history of football.

“[In the friendly with Italy last year], they already had a new and young team that was beginning to show a different style of football to previous years. Compared to how the Italians used to think, they are more offensive.”

Low admitted that there is one man in particular who will be targeted by his players on Thursday.

“It should be noted that not only in the match against England but also in others, Andrea Pirlo is experiencing a kind of rebirth.

“In 2012 we thought he might be a little too old to still give so much to the Italian team, but he is an excellent footballer, a brilliant strategist, one that touches the ball a lot and distributes it dangerously.

“We’ll try to keep him from playing, try to disturb him. To put a man on him to mark him would be idiotic, though, because he moves around a lot.

“But, we know well his style of play and we will try to interfere with that as much as possible.”

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