Thursday July 12 2012
Insigne ready for Napoli, but…

As one of Lorenzo Insigne’s agents talks up his chances of proving himself at Napoli, another warns Walter Mazzarri that plenty of clubs want the player.

The youngster is with the Vesuviani for pre-season before a decision is taken on whether or not to loan him out for 2012-13.

There is clamour for his involvement at the San Paolo next term, but this week saw Coach Mazzarri suggest that he must improve so as to make the grade with Napoli. It is a stance that Insigne’s agent has replied to, with confidence in his client.

“The player is very calm and relaxed,” began Antonio Ottaiano to Goalmania this afternoon.

“He is well aware of the difficulties, the efforts and the expectations that lie ahead, but he is also aware that he can make a contribution to Napoli, as he has always dreamed about.

“Is there too much expectation on the player? The great enthusiasm can only help, it means they trust him.

“It can also allow him to be quiet and it means accepting a start to the season that may not be as exciting as last year’s.

“Insigne has shown he has the capability to perform and people obviously are expecting his characteristics to be shown at Napoli.

“This expectation does not mean that he is being asked to provide something different to what he is capable of.”

This was soon followed by another of Insigne’s representatives, Fabio Andreotti, warning the club that if they didn’t want him, plenty of other sides do. Rumours today have strongly paired the player with a reunion with Zdenek Zeman at Roma.

“Those rumours don’t astonish me,” Andreotti told “But there’s been no contact with Roma.

“Mazzarri is experienced and smart, he realises that young players must be protected, especially in a place like Naples.

“But, if he does not want him, there are four Italian clubs ready and waiting for August 31 to take him. I won’t name the clubs, but they are renownd ones that have clear ideas.

“For now, we are excluding this possibility, he is living in the moment, calmly.

“A new contract? I cannot hide the fact that we are in Milan and have an appointment with ds Riccardo Bigon to discuss it. Everyone values his game, as it should be.”