Thursday July 12 2012
‘Petkovic wants an aggressive Lazio’

Cristian Ledesma has reflected on his first impressions of new Lazio Coach Vladimir Petkovic and on his intentions with the team.

Petkovic arrived this summer to replace the departing Edy Reja and as Andre Dias revealed earlier, wasted no time in putting the players through a rigorous workout.

Asked to compare Petkovic with his predecessor Reja, Ledesma took a similar stance to his teammate.

“Petkovic and Reja have different ways of working, and that is not to criticise one or the other,” the Argentine once capped by Italy told reporters.

“Everyone has their own way of working and they are just different.

“This Coach asks for aggression. Now, in these early days he has asked a lot, but maybe with every passing day we will find a balance. It’s too early to say how we will want to play.”

Ledesma explained this point further, suggesting that speculation over a possible 3-4-2-1 formation may be too early.

“It’s too early to imagine the new Lazio. I have spent 10 years in this career and I know that it is never fair to say from the first day that a Coach is particular to one way or another.

“By a certain time things can change. I have had several Coaches and maybe on the first day the Coach may ask you to do one thing a lot, but then over the passage of time things might be different.

“I believe that the enthusiasm is there. The first impression of Petkovic is that he is a person of great character.

“He’s not a kid and I think he knows exactly what is needed to work in Italian football and in Rome. He will have no more problems than those who have preceded him.”