Friday August 3 2012
Carobbio’s lawyers hit back

Filippo Carobbio’s lawyers have hit back at Antonio Conte’s for their attack on the footballer for his role in Conte’s current situation.

The Juventus Coach is facing the prospect of a potential 15-month ban from the game should his decision to go to trial this summer to plead his innocence in the betting affair prove unsuccessful.

Conte must prove his innocence against accusations that he was aware of two specific matches being fixed whilst he was Coach at Siena. The tactician has been brought into this affair based on evidence provided by his former player at the Tuscan club, Carobbio.

The rejection of Conte’s plea bargain of three months and a €200,000 fine and the comparison of the possible 15-month ban against Carobbio’s now extended 26-month ban prompted Conte’s lawyers to hit out at Carobbio this week.

In response, Carobbio’s own legal team has hit out at criticism aimed at their client.

“Filippo Carobbio has had the courage to break the wall of silence that unfortunately still exists in football,” Simone Giuliani told reporters today.

“He acknowledged his mistakes and is paying for them, but it is unacceptable that he should continue to face severe threats, slander and repeated aggression towards his family, as he has for the past few days on the internet.”

Carobbio’s team also examined further Cristian Stellini’s involvement in the issue. Stellini was a member of Conte’s coaching staff and has been handed a two-year ban - extended now to 30 months - on a plea bargain for his alleged role.

“Ask yourself a question - who has sent Stellini to Carobbio to fix the AlbinoLeffe-Siena game?” asked another of Carobbio’s lawyers, Riccardo Donzelli today to reporters.

“This is the black hole of the process - when we have this answered then we will understand some things.

“You want to know if I am referring to Conte? For us, it is a point highlighted by the statement attached to Stellini’s plea bargain, and not clarified by the defence yesterday.”