Wednesday August 8 2012
Maresca wants Italy return, but…

Former Italian international Enzo Maresca has declared that he wants to return to Italy, even if he doesn’t hold a high opinion of Serie A.

The midfielder has been strongly linked to Sampdoria and his current club Malaga’s perilous financial state means that a deal could be straightforward to complete.

However, the Italian, who is been away from Serie A since 2005, is less than enamoured with the peninsula.

“Yes, now I want to move back to Italy,” he told Spanish reporters this week.

“Our football, like our whole country, has recently not painted a good picture of itself.

“Calciopoli, gambling and even the bunga-bunga – which had nothing to do with sport – this is a series of bad impressions which I, from afar, have not looked on with pleasure.

“Now, though, I would be happy to play in Serie A again.”

Sampdoria are the favourites to sign Maresca with their Coach Ciro Ferrara a former teammate of his at Juventus in 2004.

Maresca’s career has taken him to English club West Bromwich Albion, Greek club Olympiacos and two Spanish sides in Sevilla and Malaga.