Friday August 10 2012
Conte can’t talk to Carrera

In serving his touchline ban, Antonio Conte won’t be able to communicate with stand-in technician Massimo Carrera during games next season.

Conte is staring down the barrel of a 10-month ban from the game for his alleged role played in the betting scandal in Italy. The Coach is accused of knowing about attempted match fixes whilst in charge of Siena in 2010-11.

Technical director Massimo Carrera has been confirmed as his stand-in for pitchside duty during this ban, but according to sporting lawyer Mattia Grassani, Conte won’t be able to communicate with him via phone.

It had been assumed that Conte, alongside assistant Coach Angelo Alessio, who is set for an eight-month ban himself, would sit in the stands and relay instructions to Carrera on the bench.

“He cannot work within the FIGC’s environment, or go in the locker room before, during or after the game, or go to the mixed zone or coach the team during the game,” Grassani clarified to Sky Sport 24.

“The rest, conducting technical management and preparation, pre-game training and all that concerns the relationship with subordinates at Juventus, is allowed.

“He cannot transmit information to Carrera. The regulation is clear. There were Coaches apprehended in transmitting information via mobile phones, notes or word of mouth. The regulation bans any technical coaching during a game, even through third parties.”