Friday September 21 2012
Rossi: Tell the truth Zamp

Former Palermo boss Delio Rossi has delivered a stinging rebuke to President Maurizio Zamparini after Giuseppe Sannino's sacking.

Rossi was fired by Zamparini in February 2011 and re-hired just four weeks later, but left the Renzo Barbera for good after defeat to Inter in the Coppa Italia Final.

And the 37th victim of a Zamparini sacking sympathises with the 41st.

“Sannino's dismissal? What's the point in sending a Coach away after three games,” Rossi remarked in a Corriere della Serra interview.

“Zamparini cannot say the team has improved, it is not true” the former Fiorentina tactician continued.

“People must tell the truth – this year Palermo are less strong, so will have to fight for different goals. People understand, you can't tease them.”

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