Wednesday September 26 2012
Don’t doubt Giovinco, warns agent

The agent of Sebastian Giovinco has quickly leapt to the defence of his client after some disappointing displays for Juventus.

Giovinco started the campaign well following his return to Turin after two years at Parma, but he struggled to shine in the draws at Chelsea and Fiorentina.

“He has great qualities that should not be called into question,” Andrea D’Amico told TMW. “What we must not forget is that he hasn’t really had a break given that he was at Euro 2012.

“If he plays some below-par games then that shouldn’t set alarm bells ringing. He’ll be able to re-find the right intensity with Juventus.

“The problem is that in Italy everything is looked at with a magnifying glass. If things go well then the player is hailed, while he’ll immediately get kicked off the pedestal when things go wrong.”

Giovinco, 25, has scored two goals in four League appearances which have totalled 356 minutes so far this term.