Thursday October 11 2012
Rossi on Lazio’s invisible Zarate

The Mauro Zarate who once brought the Stadio Olimpico crowd to their feet has disappeared, says former Lazio boss Delio Rossi.

For a time, the capital club’s fans believed that Zarate was their answer to Roma’s Francesco Totti, but the Argentine’s career has stalled.

“The problem with Zarate is that he is no longer himself,” Rossi noted. “He has become distorted and today he’s an anonymous player.

“He was an important investment for the club and they are trying to recover him, but I don’t know whether they are going about that in the right way.”

Zarate spent last season on loan at Inter given his problems with ex-Lazio tactician Edy Reja before returning in the summer.

However, Vladimir Petkovic has yet to find room in his side for the man born in 1987. Although he’s played in four Europa League ties this term, Zarate has totalled just 68 minutes of Serie A action so far.