Monday November 5 2012
‘Del Neri has too many injuries’

Pasquale Marino has reflected that Genoa are going through a phase of too many injuries, which he also believes cost him his job there last season.

Marino was in charge of the Grifone from late December 2011 through to the beginning of April 2012 and sees similarities in how his tenure ended with how Luigi Del Neri’s term is unfolding at the moment.

“Del Neri is paying for what I paid for, i.e. too many injuries,” Marino told Radio Crac today.

“I do not think that he is at risk of the sack though - the President has chosen a Coach that he wants for years. Genoa has to take the hit and wait for the injured players to return.”

Even with the decreasing numbers available to Del Neri, Marino believes that he will be able to make things competitive in next weekend’s League meeting with Napoli.

“The match against Genoa will be tough for Napoli. Napoli are not experiencing the best of times but they are still a strong team that will be a protagonist in the season until the end.

“Are Napoli getting excessive criticism? For an environment full of passion there is always some excess when the team is good and when there are times of difficulty.

“It happens to every team, it is happening to Napoli now.”