Monday November 12 2012
Pogba: I won’t be late again!

Paul Pogba has apologised to everyone at Juventus after he was dropped for the Pescara game for disciplinary reasons. “I don’t plan on being late again.”

The Frenchman was omitted from the squad that won 6-1 on Saturday night as punishment for arriving at training late on two separate occasions.

“I was wrong and I’m very sorry,” he told Tuttosport. “And of course, I apologise because I know I have been disrespectful to boss Antonio Conte and my teammates.

“It was not my intention to do so and my delays are related to issues that are very trivial, but they are mistakes.

“I know that mistakes are also needed to mature and every experience is useful for the growth of each of us. I realised my mistake and I will do everything to make sure that it is not repeated in the future.

“I think the matter is now closed. And I have no intention of re-opening it by being late again!”

Pogba has been a revelation in Turin since he left Manchester United in the summer at the end of his contract.

“This is a great club and there are not many differences compared to Manchester United, they are two of the most important clubs in the world,” he added.

“The difference here is that I feel appreciated, the players believe in me, the Coach believes in me and I have the opportunity to play.”

Pogba also revealed in the same interview that he almost gave up football in order to play table tennis!

“I played football because of the Brazilian Ronaldo,” he added. “When I was nine I had to choose between table tennis and football because the lessons for both fell on a Saturday.

“Then the 2002 World Cup arrived and Ronaldo bewitched me. That’s when I left table tennis for football. But I’m still quite handy with a bat…”