Tuesday December 11 2012
Grava, Cannavaro bans ‘too long’

Gianluca Grava and Paolo Cannavaro’s agent has criticised the request for nine month bans for the pair for alleged involvement in the betting scandal.

The Napoli defenders have been recommended by FIGC prosecutors to be suspended for nine months each for allegedly failing to report an attempted fix by their former teammate Matteo Gianello in May 2010.

“Compared to similar situations, the penalty requested has been harsher than expected,” Gaetano Fedele told reporters, as representative to both Grava and Cannavaro.

“We have always had confidence in sporting law, I expect this week to see steps taken quickly to get to the truth soon.

“We have not enjoyed being pulled into this, we tackle the issue with understanding and with the hope of being acquitted.

“I will not go into the merits of Gianello’s words, his position is untrue and as such is it normal that there is disappointment on the part of Grava and Cannavaro.

“Everybody knows how attached both are to the shirt of Napoli and for this reason they cannot understand why Gianello has mentioned them.”