Wednesday December 12 2012
The Pharaoh’s helpers

Stephan El Shaarawy has taken goalscoring duties upon himself this season but as Luca Cetta states, familiar faces are starting to get amongst Milan’s goals.

Amid the doom and gloom of Milan’s stumbling beginning to the campaign, Massimiliano Allegri could rely on a shining light in Stephan El Shaarawy. The Pharaoh proved a rare mark of consistency, scoring frequently throughout the lean spell.

Since a 1-0 victory against Genoa – the winner from who else but the Italo-Egyptian – the Rossoneri have lost just once, at home to Fiorentina. They’ve picked up 17 points from a possible 24 to revive Champions League aspirations. El Shaarawy accounts for eight of the 19 goals scored in this period, proving a key contributor – with 13 goals overall, the current capocannoniere – and team leader at the tender age of 20.

In recent weeks the mo-hawked one has received help in the goalscoring department. And crucially, from players who are critical to Milan continuing their revival.

Giampaolo Pazzini’s summer switch from the blue to the red half of the city left some scratching their head. It cost Antonio Cassano and cash. A Week 2 hat-trick at Bologna dispelled some doubts, but they resurfaced following subsequent unsatisfactory performances. The doubts looked more accurate than his finishing.

Pazzo struggled for form and was relegated to the bench. Goals in successive matches against Chievo – his last start before Sunday – and Fiorentina helped steer him back on course and when given the chance against Torino he also took advantage. Pazzini looked to get away with a foul in the build-up for his goal but that doesn’t lessen the finish.

Earlier in the contest, Robinho danced with panache past a bamboozled Valerio Di Cesare to net just his second of the campaign. It was trickery and a finish of a player exuding greater confidence than earlier this term.

Continually linked with a January move to former club Santos, President Silvio Berlusconi confirmed returning home is on Robinho’s mind. He let slip the player is ‘changing his mind’ about leaving. And while the Brazilian club have confirmed talks, the player insists he will stay if required: “Milan do not want to sell me and I have no intention of arguing with a side that opened its doors and gave me a chance.”

After kick-starting his season with the winning penalty against Juventus and goal on Sunday, plus Milan’s insistence he will remain, it may convince of his importance at Milanello.

Two players below their best are Kevin-Prince Boateng and Antonio Nocerino. Never the most prolific midfielders yet their ability to ghost into dangerous positions adds another piece to the Milan repertoire. Both broke their season duck in the past fortnight. The Ghanaian scored with a wonderful effort in Catania, while Nocerino capitalised on Torino custodian Jean-Francois Gillet’s error. His 10-goal haul last term may be a career anomaly, but he has the ability to chime in with crucial strikes.

Then there’s Bojan Krkic – still adjusting to life in Milan – and Alexandre Pato. Currently injured and with no end to those issues in sight, if and when the Brazilian can return to his best it will further alleviate the pressure on the Pharaoh.

With the Mario Balotelli chatter only increasing as January lurks ever-closer, the likes of Pazzini and Robinho have three more opportunities before Christmas to prove their worth. For the latter it may rekindle his Rossoneri desire. Milan host Serie B side Reggina in the Coppa Italia, then struggling Pescara, before finishing the year with a test at Roma. Perhaps El Shaarawy can slip some of his golden touch into his teammates’ Christmas stockings. If they continue to take the burden from his young shoulders their quest for a Champions League place won’t be as daunting.

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@EDITOR (Luca Cetta) Interesting piece, hopefully Robinho will stay but i think enough s enough with Pato now. Sell and reinvest.
on the 18th December, 2012 at 7:41pm
What a fantastic prospect Niang looks to be. for someone who is still 6 days shy of 18 years old, he certainly doesn't lack any confidence at all. the goalkeeper denied him with his first opportunity but he was certainly not discouraged. The kid needs to learn some discipline (driving without licence etc), because he cannot waste the potential he obviously has. At this rate, Pato will struggle to make it into the top 3 strikers at Milan. Ninag 17, Stephan 20, Pato 22 and Bojan 23. how refreshing
on the 14th December, 2012 at 12:09am
And for the record, Pazzini is not very effective these days and anyone who can't see that must be a little Pazzo themselves.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 11:08pm
@DanielGiambrone just a personal thing between me and Monty, it's hard for me to give him credit for anything positive, but I'll concede to your point.

So that makes it 4 guys for Milan who are earning their $$$$ or€€€€ or ££££ or whatever you wanna call it.

Btw Juve's strikers are pretty much a disaster and nobody should be sticking up for those clowns. Vucinic and Giovinco should be well over double figures in goals by now, but sickeningly they're not even close.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 11:05pm
Monty is and will never be as good as Pirlo.

Nuff said!
on the 13th December, 2012 at 9:17pm
Guys, don't even give Mustafa time of day. He's not a true fan and he proves it with every word that he types. He knows nothing about Serie A or football in general. He wikipedias everything than just spits it out like it's his knowledge. He's biased, he knows absolutely nothing. He's an embarassment to his "fellow Juve" supporters. I'm pretty sure he's a 15 year old kid who lives in the basement.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 5:58pm
DickSmokefield, I'd add Montolivo to your list of players that have done well for Milan this season. IMO, Monty has been fantastic, & on current form I would say that he is currently Italy's best central midfielder. He has almost everything: composure, vision, dribbling skills, technique, & good athletism.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 3:52pm

Lol your top scorer quag has 6 in the league same as pazzini. Don't try to add all competition in in that case ses has what 16 now? pazzini hasn't been a great signing nor a bad one.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 3:04pm

Ehhh... Once again you bring up stuff that happened 8 years ago lol. We're talking about NOW. In amazes me how hard it is for you to stick to the subject.

Good you know simple math. Then you understand this 13>6

Ses 13 ...

Quag(lol) 6

Now my dear mewstafa, who has a better track record this season so far between these two top strikers.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 2:48pm
Why does everyone even take Mustafa seriously? You all he is deadwood and not as educated as the rest of us on this site. Mustafa stay by your Christmas Tree hopefully you'll find a copy of your very own Rosetta Stone because you're english aint that great bud! Good luck in SCHOOL if you even know what that is.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 2:18pm
to finish up though pazzini is a terrible terribleeee striker! dont ever try to even compare him to any of our strikers, 6 goals..soo erm i forgot he only scored in 3-4 game so far? qaugs and giovinco have 9 and 12 goals in all competitions so i dont understand who and how anyone is even trying to critize them truthfully, matri and vucinic fair does they have not lived up to there potiental i wouldnt mind selling both, and bentner...we all have our bad transfers. like pazzini for a.c milan lol
on the 13th December, 2012 at 2:02pm
@Richard. firsty. Quagliarella is lanky? Quagliarella is only 5'11 and has never been known to have lanky physique or his heading abilities. you're either mistaking him for someone else or you need to get yourself a dictionary. secondly. you're telling off someone for insulting other clubs and yet you just went and insulted Gobbi players. hypocrite much? and no I'm not a Juventus fan.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 1:43pm
But hasnt always been the most prolific striker/winger in series A, but what he provides along with KVB is creditable, KVB And Noccerino have just come off 2 great seasons and EURO 2012 (noccerino) there great talents but just really tired atm as they cant play every game! de jong was a good capture but unfortunalty innjured, pato hasnt lived up to his reputation, otherwise give KVB a break and he'll play and score on a constant basis as he has done before...
on the 13th December, 2012 at 12:15pm
As a Juventus fan, A.C milan are a team i've always supported (after juventus of course) to do well in european football to improve italys rank and co-ef points, and keep up the reputation to there name!, SES has been doing brilliantly to take his chance for both club and country and has all ready made a name for himself across europe! robinho i believe has always been an on and off player from the days at real to city to a.c, it always takes him quite a bit to get going but is a good talent!..
on the 13th December, 2012 at 12:09pm
Mustafa always insult the other clubs in Serie A..You called Pazzini 'dead' at least he got a hattrick this season and El Shawarawy "not for the long run"?Are you drunk my friend?
Here's for u:
1.Giovinco = indecisive
2.Vucinic = not a double digit striker
3.Quagliarella = lanky
4.Matri = unreliable
5.Bendtner = BARBIE
Oh I almost forgot that Juve has a deadwood in their squad IAQUINTA..
on the 13th December, 2012 at 11:26am
@ Viktoria Secret

Lucarelli scored 24 in 2005, beating Shevchenko, Ibrahimovic and Trezeguet.

According to your logic, Lucarelli was and still is better than all of them. Have a CT scan to your head.

Yes, I can do math & understand English too.

"Regarding Pato, no one understands what you mean?"

Everybody understands me except you. Try Rosetta Stone again, or Google.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 9:23am
There is no doubt that SES is so far the revelation of the season. I believe the team is gradually overcoming the effects of so many departures which led to early problems due to lack of self belief. Now the team is finding its own identity slowly and i am optimistic the team will finish in the top 4. FORZA MILAN.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 8:43am
@ Mustafa

Talk about the Juve strikers this season, as it is current form that counts. It is a fact that el shaarawy scored more than double the goals of Juve's top striker. Milan beat the champions of Italy, and they did it with Juve getting barely a shot on target. I think that Juve are the ones with the problems up front, and not Milan. We got strikers that know how to do their jobs.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 4:58am
Robinho- a gd dribbler, but not at all a finisher.
Bojan & Pato- never live up to expectation, and dont seems to be capable too.
Pazzini- need consistent playing time to show his value.
on the 13th December, 2012 at 3:58am
The point of the article is SES's teammates aren't helping out...& it's so true. Boateng, Nocerino, Pato, Robinho, Flamini, Ambrosini, Bojan, Antonini, Pazzini(I could go on) with all of their championship experience, should be carrying Milan on their back but they've all been mostly non-existent. That's inexcusable. Don't get me started on those awful CB's. Other than a few bright moments Milan's core has been soft. For me, DeJong, De Sciglio & SES are the only ones earning their large paycheck
on the 13th December, 2012 at 2:37am
As an Inter fan i hate to say this. But the young pharoe is in superb form and makes me dream about the Balotelli-SES tandem is giving me goost bumps for WC2014, i hope balo doesnt come to my nemesis in AC though lmao
on the 12th December, 2012 at 11:17pm
SES's finishing, movement, & work-rate is all superb. I would like to see him improve his dribbling, passing, & crossing; to give his game more depth. He appears to have a terrific attitude, unlike Balotelli, & so I can see him progressing even more from the fantastic finisher that he is at present. Maldini's heir is correct when he says that Allegri should pick a front free of SES, Roby, & Pazzo; & allow them to gel. The same can be said of the cb's.
on the 12th December, 2012 at 8:44pm
@Mustafa (or is it Moostafa not sure)

Your on top of the table and you deserve it. But dont for a nano second try to convince anyone that Juve have just as good striker as SES at the moment.

Top striker Juve, (lol) Fabio Quagliarella 6 goals

Top striker ACM SES 13 goals. Twice as many. Even you can do that math!

Even Pazzini has scored 6 goals this season. As much as your top scorer LOL.

Regarding Pato, no one understands what you mean?
on the 12th December, 2012 at 8:38pm
Really hope that Milan get Man U in the Champions League and that SES can run all over the comical defence they have
on the 12th December, 2012 at 7:50pm
@Maldini's Heir

ps. I like Zapata a lot.. ever time he gets a chance he does well. We need Zapata and someone else.
on the 12th December, 2012 at 7:44pm
@Maldini's Heir

The only impact that merger will have is milan will increase their fan base = increased revenues.
on the 12th December, 2012 at 7:43pm
@ Viktoria Secret

Better than Juve's strikers ! How pathetic are you?

Better than Vucinic? Quglia? Giovinco? You mean better than the strikers who are the champions of Italy.

You had quite a recap. Let's recap here:

"Vucinic fires a screamer & sends Milan out of Coppa Italia with one of the goals of the season !"

That's a recap chump.

I bet you don't understand what useless means. If Pato had been out, how come is he in use ?

Little about football? Still better than nothing !
on the 12th December, 2012 at 7:36pm
Mustafa = useless
on the 12th December, 2012 at 7:02pm
We could bring back Astori and try and sign Ogbonna. I'm worried about the Chinese deal. I hope this means we don't just buy token Chinese players (although one bringing with him TV revenue) would not be too bad. If Allegri can consolidate and secure any kind of European football next season then I think we stick with him and let him build a squad for next season. We don't need lots of pointless signings just a few decent signings.
on the 12th December, 2012 at 6:50pm
It has been encouraging in the last few weeks but what the team needs the most is consistency. I think the Robinho-SES-Pazzo trident worked well against and Allegri should stick to them and let them gel. I think we forget about Pato and try and sell him in the new year for anywhere near the imaginary value which has been placed on him. Bozan should be given chances off the bench and we should try and bring back Paloschi before he turns out to be another mistake. We still need better centre backs
on the 12th December, 2012 at 6:47pm

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